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Resonating Love Book Cover

Resonating Love

Released July 4, 2023
Kaitlyn Asher's dreams of becoming a respected editorial journalist have been relegated to the sidelines. Stuck writing trivial self-help articles, she yearns for an opportunity to showcase her true talent. Meanwhile, her love life remains dormant following a painful breakup, and she vows to avoid romance altogether. Determined to figure out her future, she embarks on an extended vacation to Bessemer—a quaint town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Tom Drake, the world-famous country music star, is desperate to escape the relentless media circus surrounding his latest breakup. Craving a taste of normalcy, he returns to his hometown of Bessemer for the Fourth of July holiday—an annual extravaganza that holds the promise of genuine connections and heartfelt moments. As the holiday festivities consume the town, Tom finds solace in the warm embrace of a community that sees beyond his fame.

As fate intertwines their paths, Kaitlyn and Tom enter each other's lives, igniting a spark that refuses to be extinguished. In the backdrop of a holiday they'll never forget, they embark on a journey that defies their expectations. But with Kaitlyn’s reluctance to tell Tom about her career as a journalist, and her having the behind the scenes knowledge of Tom’s intimate life that the media yearns to know more about, can this relationship last or will it end in fireworks?
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