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Emorie Cole’s Latest Romance Novel

Kaitlyn Asher is a young journalist for a popular women’s magazine in New York City. Unable to convince her boss to allow her to write more substantial articles, she has been stuck writing nothing but self-help and how-to columns for the last few years, and she feels as if her talent is being wasted. Besides that, her love life is completely non-existent. After her last relationship ended badly, she has thrown herself into her work, and has sworn off dating.

Determined to figure out how to move forward, she decides that a change of pace is needed. She takes an extended vacation to the small town of Bessemer, Michigan in order to help out a cousin at her veterinary clinic, hoping that it will give her time to figure out her next move toward being regarded as a serious journalist.

Meanwhile, world famous country music star Tom Drake is desperate to escape from the media circus surrounding his most recent breakup. Tired of always having his every move judged and criticized, he needs time to get away and unwind.

He decides that the perfect solution is going home for the Fourth of July holiday, to the small, remote town where he grew up—Bessemer. It’s a place where the folks treat him like a normal, local guy who moved away, but who has now come back home. The town always makes a big deal out of the holiday with a week long celebration packed with events like games, races, multiple nights of fireworks, street dances, and parades. It’s the perfect time for him to get away and reconnect with people that truly care about him.

Neither Kaitlyn nor Tom expect to find true love during their Fourth of July get-a-ways, but when by chance they meet, they can’t help continuously bumping into each other and being drawn closer together. It’s a holiday that neither one of them will ever forget, and as they continue to spend their summer together once the holiday is over, they just might find their happily ever after.

Samantha Ashford fell in love with Christian d’Angelo as a teenager, but he broke her heart when he sailed away from Wilkins Harbor on his parents’ yacht and never returned. Now fate has brought him back into her life—a successful billionaire with a yacht of his own. Can she find it in her heart to forgive him and rekindle what they had? Or have they drifted too far apart?

Christian d’Angelo left a piece of his heart in Wilkins Harbor when he was a teenager, and he never truly got over his first love, Samantha. When he comes face to face with her almost a decade later, he knows fate has given him another shot. When he convinces Samantha to let him join her on a trip to the beautiful Mackinac Island, will his love for her be enough to show her that he deserves a second chance? Or will he end up shattering her heart for a second time?