Discover a world of sweet, passionate romance filled with emotional bonds and happily ever afters. Get swept away by steamy stories that captivate your heart.
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Resonating Love Book Cover

Resonating Love

Available Now
Come read a scorching summer story where love ignites between Tom & Kaitlyn in Emorie's latest sizzling, small-town romance.
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Resonating Love

Emorie Cole brings you right into the middle of local small town romance and keeps you emotionally engaged from beginning to end in Resonating Love.  She makes you feel as if you are actually a part of the story itself and that there can always be another chance at love. Heartwarming!!
A filled in star ratingA filled in star ratingA filled in star ratingA filled in star ratingA filled in star rating


With Love Included Book Cover

With Love Included

A Vacation Romance Anthology
Released: July 11, 2023
Love takes a vacation... and never leaves. Sand, sun, and sexy times! These amazing authors bring you stories filled with fun...
Midnight Carriage Kiss Book Cover

Midnight Carriage Kiss

Wilkins Harbor Series
Released: December 12, 2021
Samantha Ashford fell in love with Christian d’Angelo as a teenager, but he broke her heart when he sailed away from Wilkins Harbor...
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Accidental Love Book Cover

Accidental Love

Wilkins Harbor Series
Released: June 15, 2021
Alyssa Sinclaire is a successful, independent woman living in the small town of Wilkins Harbor in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
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Love at the Inn Book Cover

Love at the Inn

Wilkins Harbor Series
Released: March 16, 2021
Gabby Daniels is running to escape from her dangerous ex boyfriend. She decides to make a fresh start in a remote town in the Upper...
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Lets get Naughty 2 Book Cover

Let's Get Naughty 2

A Limited Edition Romance Anthology
Released: October 24, 2023
If you think it's too soon to get on Santa's naughty list...think again. It's time for Volume 2! Cancel your plans and spend this holiday...
Unexpected Love on Christmas Book Cover

Unexpected Love on Christmas Eve

A Second Chance Romance
Released: December 1, 2020
Can a cozy cabin at Christmastime and a little holiday magic reignite the affection for one another and bring two ex-lovers back...
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Passion on Waikiki

Love at First Sight
Releasing: 2024
As Allie settled into her seat, her gaze landed on an irresistibly handsome stranger boarding the plane. Her heart skipped a beat, captivated by his striking features. To her astonishment and delight, he stopped at her row and took the seat right beside her. Could this be the beginning of an unforgettable journey?
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Christmas in the Keweenaw

Smoldering Hospital Romance
Releasing: 2025
When new doctor Ian moves to town, his reputation as a ladies' man instantly irks Lilly, his new co-worker. Yet, as she gets to know the man behind the rumors, she can't resist his charm and finds herself falling for him. Just as their romance blossoms, Ian's past resurfaces, threatening to unravel their newfound love.
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Reunion of Lovers
Releasing: 2025
When high school classmates Ava and Casey reunite, their chemistry is undeniable, igniting a passionate and irresistible romance. As they explore their intense connection, dark secrets and unresolved issues threaten to destroy their newfound love. Can they overcome the past, or will their steamy romance be doomed from the start?
Emorie Cole
Emorie Cole Signature
Emorie Cole is a small-town girl who loves to show her creative side through her writing. She loves creating romance stories that are sweet, but filled with passion and steam so that her readers can be swept into a world where they feel emotional bonds being formed and can find happily ever afters.

Her steamy stories will captivate your heart.When she’s not writing you can find her curled up with a good book, spending time with her family, playing with her Shiba Inu, and enjoying the seasons in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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